Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Holiday Cheer

Hello to all, 

I am a little late, but never the less, Happy new year to all, 
the time to move on from bad experiences and to truly cherish the best moments of 2012. 
I would also like to mention the summer holidays, they seem to come so quickly but,
at the same time really slow.
Relaxing by the pool, or the beach with a cold drink in hand, maybe a water ballon or super soaker war, or perhaps just reading a good book, and watching the television whatever you may choose to do these Summer Holidays, it always puts the cherry on top of a perfect summer! I hope every one is slip, slop, slapping and that you have a spectacular summer


  1. Happy New Year and Happy Summer to you too Sophia!

  2. i haven't got back into blogging for ages, i think you may have inspirred me to start again, Sophia!

    Much Love
    xx Perri

  3. thx nona,
    I hope Ali, You, Nono, Mum, Dad, Lukas and I can catch up soon,
    Phia xox

    Yeah mean neither, I hadn't blogged since before Christmas ,
    See you soon xox Sophia (Riri)